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Frequently Asked Questions


We are in Chamber 105 and Office 204, Dubai Flower Center, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, P.O. Box: 58302
We deliver everywhere in United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)
Absolutely free of charge
The minimum order should not be less than AED 500.00 (Five Hundred Dirhams).
There is no minimum order quantity from each item, but usually it comes per one bunch.
Our flowers are coming from Holland, Kenya, and Thailand.
For Dubai (DXB), yes, we can do the same delivery day. As for the other areas, the delivery will be on the next day.
No, this is only made to serve B2B (Business to Business) Customers.
We deliver fresh cut flowers over 11,000 varieties.
In this case, you shouldn’t receive item/s with bad quality. However, if this happens, please return the item/s back to the merchandiser and we will issue a credit note to cover the bad quality item/s.
Yes, if the size is mentioned on the product details, we assure you the same size. However, if you received the wrong size, we can offer a discount or you can choose to return the product.
We have three (3) shipments weekly: Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.
Cash, cheques, and bank transfers
Yes, you will be receiving an SMS whenever your orders are on the way to be delivered by our mercandisers.
Go to the webshop and select “I Forgot my Password” and you will receive an e-mail afterwards.
Settle the payment first, before making another order.
Yes, you can include notes to your orders.
Register here. Once you are registered, our System Department will receive a notification and will send your registration to our Sales Department to contact you soon, regarding the process of opening an account.